Thursday, October 15, 2009

Khalo-Sherman-Xiuwen Comparison

Frida Kahlo portraits are very recognizable. Her portraits are not very easy to understand unless the viewer knows her background. But, when the viewer realizes the connection between her background and her work, it is obvious that her paintings are direct representations of her ideas. Many of her pieces are based on femininity and its different aspects. For instance, fertility and the clothing women wear.

Cindy Sherman's work is an excellent example of feminism. I think her work shows women in a very sexual way, which is very different from Kahlo. Her series of Film Stills are very dramatic, the color especially accentuates this. Many of her portraits are in the style of the film still which gives her work a different feel than Kahlo and Xiuwen. Sherman's work makes the viewer guess what happened before the shot was taken and how the woman came to be that way. Her work shows women in their natural habitat throughout their daily lives.

Cui Xiuwen's work shows feminism in a very different way than both Khalo and Sherman. The women portrayed are very young. Her work tells alot about pregnancy in teenagers and young women. There is a very strong calming and peaceful sense in her work. The backgrounds and layout of her work is one of the main things that adds to the peacefulness. However, the young women seem vulnerable which gives the viewer something more to ponder.

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