Monday, August 31, 2009

4 Artists

Gregory Crewdson:
My first reaction to Crewdson's work was that it was disturbing in a way, and also unfortunate. However, some of the images, such as Untitled (Ophelia), were very eerie. As I went through his different works, it was a little difficult for me at fist to realize the media he used just by looking at it. Even though they are photographs, it looked like they had been altered in other ways. Alot of the photos also gave me a sense of fear, because I did not know what was going to happen next. The color scheme seems to be generally the same in most of his works. The colors are not very vivid, but they all give off the same sort of feeling.

Teun Hocks:
I was really intreigued by the surrealism of his work. I also really enjoyed that the man in all of his works was the same. It seemed like he was on a continuous journey in a surreal world. I especially liked Untitled (Playing w/ Train). The way he works with space and a variety of materials is very interesting. There is a calming sense in all of his work.

Jeff Wall:
At a first glance, I did not really understand Jeff Wall's work, therefore I do not like it all that much. In his work, I see scenes from real life. I do not like the way Wall designed these photographs because it seems to me as if anyone could do it. I know art has a lot to do with the concept behind the work, but I do not think Wall successfully shows what his ideas were.

Cindy Sherman:
Cindy Sherman's work is focused on femininity. She is interpreting women in many different ways throughout her film stills. However, her work seems like a cliche feminist approach. Even though each photograph is unique, they all have the same general idea. I do, however, like her use of values in each photo. The black and white photographs show alot about women in her time period and what she wanted to see women as.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Shepard Fairey

Peter Max

David Levinson

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