Sunday, December 6, 2009

Collaborative Presentations

Mine and Jared's Presentation

For mine and Jared's presentations, we chose Pascal Dombis and Jeffrey Shaw. We titled our exhibit "Art Through Systems: Pascal Dombis and Jeffrey Shaw". We chose these two artists because they both use systems, such as algorithms and different search engines. We liked how Shaw's pieces were interactive and Dombis' were large installations. We chose Shaw and Dombis because we were immediately attracted to their work. We really liked the fact that Shaw is more of a well-known artist and Dombis is not. Through further research, we discovered that there were many similarities between the two artists that could be used to our advantage for this presentation. We specifically chose certain works from each artist for the exhibit. We wanted to make sure that there would be a correlation between the pieces. We chose Dombis’ Google_RBYKW and Shaw’s The Net.Art Browser because both artists use Internet browsers to create the work. In Shaw’s piece, it is more obvious how the Internet is being used. We found it very interesting how two artists use the same system (the Internet in this case) and end up with such drastically different end products. We also really liked how Shaw’s piece is very interactive, and Dombis’ piece is more of a piece that viewed and the audience does not contribute to the changing of the work. We chose Dombis’ Irrational Geometrics and Shaw’s Web of Life because they both have a distinct line quality that is aesthetically pleasing. These lines, in both pieces, were not created by hand, but by means of interaction or algorithms. Dombis’ piece that we chose out of his Irrational Geometrics series is an installation video. We believed this would fit together nicely with Shaw’s interactive piece. In Shaw’s piece, the lines and patterns being created are based on the viewer and what he or she does.

Christine and Diana's Presentation

Christine and Diana's exhibit was titled "The Intolerable Truth: A New Take on Consumerism". Their exhibit featured Toni Dove and Christopher Jordan. Both of these artists connect to consumerism, however Toni Dove's work is more conceptual. The fact that one artist's work is interactive and one's is not is good because it will engage the viewers. The videos that they showed during their presentation was very informative and was helpful in understanding the pieces they chose.

Sarah and Nicole's Presentation

Sarah and Nicole's exhibit was titled "Self Confrontation in the Absence of Individualism". It features Jessica Bruah and Grahm Harwood. Bruah's pieces have subjects that are faceless women doing everyday activities. I was confused as to how stories in Harwood's pieces were being told. Not knowing who the storytellers are relates well to the theme because many people may be able to relate to it.

Liz M. and Jess's Presentation

Liz M. and Jess's exhibit featured Usman Haque and Rebecca Allen. Their exhibit was very interesting and I believe it would attract a lot of people. The idea of and indoor and outdoor exhibit is very interesting, but could create problems if the weather was bad. Liz and Jess were both very well informed on the pieces they chose and how they work. The interactive pieces by both artists are very different, but relate to each other in a good way.

Kyle and Ryan's Presentation

Kyle and Ryan's exhibit was titled "Manipulation: Cory Archangel and Lillian Schwartz". I felt as though this was a very broad and could have been more specific to these two artists. The theme was not shown in all of pieces that were chosen, however, most of them were. I did not see enough of a connection between these two artists to be a good exhibit. Kyle and Ryan knew a lot about the pieces they chose, but not as much about how the pieces were created and altered.

Brian and Alfred's Presentation

Brian and Alfred's exhibit was titled "The Development of Digital Art: John Lasseter and John Knoll". This theme was very broad and could have related more to the animation of each artist. Both of the artists were very involved in movie animation, and I felt as though the presentation had more to do with the artists' background than the pieces that would be used in the exhibit. It was not clear what pieces would be chosen for the exhibit.

Liz and Jess C.'s Presentation

Liz and Jess C.'s exhibit was titled "Constant Repetition Carries Conviction: Pascal Dombis and Terry Mulligan". Both artists show good repetition in their artwork, however, they did not seem very well informed about the pieces that were chosen for the exhibit. These two artists are a good choice for an exhibit because there are many subtle similarities and differences between them.

Book (Poem-Visualization)

Falling Up
by Shel Silverstein

I tripped on my shoelace
And I fell up-
Up to the roof tops,
Up over the town,
Up past the tree tops,
Up over the mountains,
Up where the colors
Blend into the sounds.
But it got me so dizzy
When I looked around,
I got sick to my stomach
And I threw down.

For this project, I plan to create a childrens' book. I am going to use book board and book cloth to create the front and back covers of the book. The pages will be done in an accordian style and each page will have one or two lines in a curved shape. Below the text, on the bottom of the pages, there will be line illustrations of what the narrator is flying above.